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What's involved?

All our training courses are individually tailored to meet each client's needs, but a typical syllabus will contain (click each heading for more detail)...


An examination of what you can gain by engaging with the media.
An explanation of why it’s vital in today’s world of digital media to tailor a message to a journalist’s available time.
Have you properly thought through the message you want to give to the media?  How will it be received?  Is it the strongest, or even the right one?
An exploration of the primary corporate communications channels, and what makes independent editorial coverage the most important.
A timed exercise to teach the importance of getting messages over quickly – recognising that a lack of time, particularly for the media, can be one of the biggest challenges to effective communication.
The importance of proper preparation, with examples of what can happen if you are unprepared or have an unconvincing message.
Making the most of existing company content, and creating repository of relevant information that will support your messages.
A look at your target media – including media outlets you may not have considered.
In preparation for the course trainees are invited to listen to a sample radio interview and consider who delivered the best performance.
An interactive session exploring the characteristics shared by good communicators.
Can the journalist trust you to provide a believable story?  How do you win that trust?  And can you trust them to get the facts straight?
A look at what makes a good story.  And the importance of becoming a 'thought leader' to the media.
A set of practical tools to help get your messages across, including how to use facts, quotes, analogies and 'three-part lines', plus avoiding clichés and buzzwords.
A look at the most common mistakes companies make when dealing with the press.
Why you should get all the main facts over from the start.
... and the problems that can arise from 'citizen journalism' – not least in press conferences and seminars.
With all trainees participating, followed by a detailed critique and debrief.
A guide on how to deal with those 'out of the blue' press calls.
Confirming the key learning lessons from the course.

Training is key to a successful encounter with the mediaCourses are conducted in a friendly, interactive format – with attendees encouraged to raise any issues throughout.

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