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What our customers say...

We are a small business, but our customers are extremely loyal and return to us time and again. Here are some of their comments that may help to explain why...


  Brian brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our training session and moreover made the whole experience engaging and relevant to our business. Brian had clearly taken the time to research us and our sector which helped make all the content relevant and timely. The entire Executive came away with a greater understanding of the pitfalls and positives around managing the media. We also were furnished with very practical tactics and tips for making the most of our media interactions. Brian also helped us think about how we individually handle media interactions that is already making a very positive impact in our work. 

  Brian's unrivalled industry knowledge, journalist's insight and engaging style pitches the training at just the right level, balancing advice and guidance with the practical experience that gives delegates the tools and techniques to handle tough questions with confidence. 

  Talking to the press is not easy, and making sure your message comes out as you intended is often challenging. Engaging with the media is in Brian Weatherley's DNA. His vast experience and excellent teaching skills gives one profound insight into what a journalist needs to know and how to deal with even the most difficult of interviews with confidence. Brian's supportive coaching is geared to each client's particular needs and is an invaluable learning tool for anyone who has to face the media on a regular basis. His in-depth training session has definitely helped me to feel more self-assured during press interviews. 

  Brian is a consummate expert of the media world and navigator of a landscape that is often littered with unexploded devices. His many years experience in business journalism, coupled with an engaging coaching style, provide effective tools to help managers and communications teams avoid the pitfalls of today's 24 hour media machine - where speed, not fact, is often the order of the day. His courses are tailor-made and not off the shelf solutions, carefully researched with a clear understanding of the client's business and an uncanny attention to detail which, as we all know, is where the devil resides. 

  As lawyers, our usual observation is 'Silence is not only golden, but seldom misquoted', or at the very least 'Say nothing unless you can improve your position'. However, sometimes you have no choice but to face the media. At Backhouse Jones we use Brian's expertise to train our lawyers in how to successfully interact with the media. 

  Hiab operates globally and requires the assistance of true professionals in their chosen field. Over the years Brian has been the go-to person whenever we have needed specialist services. Whether for media training or chairing a press event at a major international show, Brian has consistently delivered on our expectations. Life long experience in his chosen field has given Brian respect within the world of journalism and training. Moreover, his ability to communicate at all levels and provide real business solutions gives us the support and benefits we look for in a supplier. 

  Brian Weatherley developed and delivered a bespoke one-day training course on spoken media presentation and interview handling for senior and middle level managers at Heliex Power. Target audiences were broadcast and print media journalists and professional interviewers. Attendees included both experienced personnel and those who had never even met a journalist. The course's content, Brian's tuition and delivery techniques and his personality made assimilation easy, putting all at ease - even in what could for some have been a stressful exercise in managing an interview in front of their peers. Both novices and old hands benefitted from the training, particularly through instilling confidence in developing and delivering responses in unscripted and impromptu situations. I'd have no hesitation in commending Brian's involvement to others. 

  Brian's training has provided some excellent insight, as well as advice on how to articulate messages in a structured and useful way. 

  We regularly use Brian to provide media training to our commercial vehicle sector clients. Without exception, the response from all who have attended his course is that they find it stimulating, thought-provoking and above-all-else applicable to their own businesses. His coaching gives them a greater confidence to positively engage with the press, whether it's for a classic one-to-one interview with a journalist, or a formal industry press conference. 

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